Rules of the game

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You are are a young panda Panda and your goal is to save your family by accomplishing a marvelous prophecy. You will have to collect bamboos and bring them from one level to the other until you reach the big panda.

The adventure begins !'

the bamboos Bamboos are located in open or closed spaces. Buttons door buttons will allow you to opin closed spaces so you can visit them.

But be careful, enemies are watching you. They are more or less alive and fast, but the closer you'll get to the goal, the harder they will be. To slow them down, use your magic stick to freeze the ground and prevent them from following you. Magic has its limits. You can only use the stick for a maximum of 3 times per level.

For each level, once all the bamboos have been collected, run for the exit door and you will then be brought to the next level.